Home Appraisal Calculator

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A home appraisal calculator can help you determine the estimated value of your home.  Knowing the home appraised value of your home will help you if you want to sell your home or if you are deciding to buy a home.

Try our home appraisal calculator and in a few seconds you will have the estimated value of your home.  The home appraisal calculator works based on historical home sales.  There is a big difference in driving around looking at homes for sale like yours and basing the your home’s value based on the listing price of a home, versus creating an estimate based on what homes actually sold for.

If you are planning on selling your home then use the calculator to get the value.  Then list your home slightly less than the home appraisal price.  This method will get you more foot traffic and therefore you will sell your home faster.  Most people can’t sell their home fast because they have overpriced their home.

If you are buying a home then using the free home appraisal calculator will help you know how much to pay or offer for the house you are interested in.  Once you know the value then offer five percent less.  The seller might be offended, but he will counter closer to the value of the home.